Led transformation of US-centric organization to become a global brand. Sourced, trained and mentored team worldwide to deliver on-the-ground service excellence. Implemented marketing strategies to build brand awareness. Achieved business growth, diversified client portfolio – doubled revenue.

Catalyst for growth during uncertain industry market changes. Innovated new approaches to facilitate revenue, repositioned organization to achieve profitable growth. Led global team to adjust mindset, enhance unique capabilities, developed mutually beneficial partnerships, and grew in unchartered locations.

Gained retail market share. Identified untapped local, emerging Asian market. Procured appropriate and distinctive merchandise assortment in all categories. Created welcoming customer experience that distinguished store’s reputation and sales.

Building a Global Brand

  • Co-created client’s marketing materials to highlight competitive differentiators
  • Designed clients’ new service offerings in response to corporate mobility policy trends
  • Helped implement and market client’s expanded footprint
  • Provided clients with a consultative roadmap for launching new practices
  • Guided clients to reengineer processes – optimized operations excellence
  • Developed US-centric Spouse/Partner Career Assistance firm into a global brand – in 55+ locations worldwide
  • Identified new organizations and markets for mutually beneficial Rest-of-World (ROW) growth – EMEA and APAC regions grew to 50% of company’s revenue
  • Monetized Competitive Differentiators – Special Education Needs, 20% – 40% growth year over year five consecutive years; B2C (Private Client Services) practice +42% in 2017; VIP/Concierge School Placement Services +37% in 2016
  • Mentored and led global teams – fostered collaboration, advanced productivity and professional growth

Market Vision/Strategy

  • Co-created clients’ new websites and related marketing to reposition brand
  • Designed online Learning & Development courses, “Achieving Business Growth” for leading Global and European trade associations
  • Developed Global Education and Research practice into a saleable, profitable business; doubled 2017 v. 2016 revenue
  • Implemented Brexit Contingency Planning Roadmap – including Brexit & Schooling survey, marketing initiatives and consultative thought leadership
  • $218 million accountability for 19 high-end retail stores, including merchandise assortment planning, receipt flow and profitability
  • Collaborated on and impacted growth of Saks’ first $100 million store
  • Managed $30 million department store

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